18 March 2009

Tidy Mart looking for reliable associates in US, UK, China, Australia and Indonesia, int the International Trading Industry, Further contact biz@tidymart.com ...

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About us

Tidy Mart giving a warm and hearty welcome to you all to one of the biggest challenge and opportunity in this millennium is going to be,

Project Management

Tidy Mart is a collaborative group of experienced Trading professionals, specializing in supplying & procuring Mineral, Scrap, Commodity, Textiles, ect.

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Who we are

Tidy Mart creates Profitable & Sustainable trading solutions for Businesses that need to Supplying & Procuring Mineral, Scrap, Commodity, Textiles, etc.

We understand that each business is different. Since every company has a unique set of requirements, objectives and challenges. That is why we approach each engagement by listening and learning about your organization.

A very young but vigorous company, Tidy Mart ready to plays an active role in the supply of minerals, Refractory Materials, Abrasives, Metallurgic and Home Textile products to China, Japan, Russia, Thailand, Spain, Germany, Italy, Australia & NZ, Canada, USA, Mexico, Turkey and other destinations. The guarantee to the stable quality of our products and to our standardized service is the professionals of our team. With the well-trained technicians working on site for production supervision, your orders are insured not only by our responsibility, but also the technical assistance.

Our global Network will assist you to secure & source your product requirement from the direct supplier. Our network of land transportation, vessel shipment, and stock facilities will meet all your expectation to a professional trading firm.

Tidy Mart provides end-to-end support for all aspects of the trading industry. So you can interact with a single vendor for all your Business Needs. This profound level of integration ensures a seamless customer experience and allows your company to remain focused on your core business to increase profitability and maintain a competitive edge in today's marketplace.

We bring our unwavering belief in the power of trading services to each and every consulting engagement. Industry expertise that enables lasting results we understand our clients' industries, their strategic pressures and the competitive environment in which they operate.

We are constantly searching for emerging trends that we can incorporate into our client engagements.