A waste tire is a whole tire that is no longer suitable for its original purpose because of wear, damage, or defect. Each year, nearly 240 million additional waste tires enter the waste stream, not including the 33.5 million tires that are retreaded.

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List of Used Tyre Products.

  • Crumb Rubber
  • Shredded Tyres
  • Scrap Tyres
  • Steel Wire
  • Waste Tyres
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    Uses for Shredded Tires

    Primary shredding is the first major step for changing the shape and form of whole tires. Daily cover at landfills and fabricated products, such as athletic, industrial, blasting, and commercial mats, are the two major uses of primary shredded tires.

    Secondary shredding, to produce smaller shreds, allows tires to be used in compost and as tire-derived fuel (TDF). In composting projects, tire chips can be used as a bulking agent to increase air flow. Shredded tires have also proven to be an excellent form of industrial fuel when used in fairly small percentages, typically 10 percent or less. TDF has more energy per weight than an equivalent amount of most types of coal. The use of TDF is becoming very popular in certain industries, especially the pulp and paper industry and public power utilities.

    Uses for Crumb Rubber

    Crumb rubber is generally defined as rubber small enough to be reused in molded or mixed products. Each year about 2.3 million tires are converted to crumb rubber. Its uses include molded rubber products such as wheel chocks, car stops and recycling containers; athletic surfaces; and rubberized asphalt.


    One final way of dealing with waste tires is pyrolysis, a process used to break a material down into organic compounds with lower molecular weights. Pyrolysis relies on chemical and thermal processes to accomplish this result. The products of tire pyrolysis include a gas, generally used to fuel the process; oil, which usually requires blending or further refining to yield a marketable fuel oil; and a char or black. Typically, a ton of tires will yield 125 gallons of oil and 700 pounds of carbon black.


    Tidy Mart assistance in Alternate Fuel

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