Tidy Mart welcomes the opportunity to be of service to your organization in supplying Manganese Ore that finds applications in varied industries. Finlay you founded trusted Manganese Ore manufacturers & suppliers, who exports high quality Manganese Ore that is widely demanded in the Market.

We are supplying and exporting of high quality manganese ores that includes industrial manganese ores, natural manganese ores and pure manganese ores. Tidy Mart offer high quality Manganese Ore that is widely demanded in the market because of its optimum properties, purity and other such features. Consequently, we are counted amidst the preeminent Manganese Ore Manufacturers and Suppliers.

Manganese phosphating is used as a treatment for rust and corrosion prevention on steel making. Depending on their oxidation state, manganese ions have various colors and are used industrially as pigments. The permanganates of alkali and alkaline earth metals are powerful oxidizers. Manganese dioxide is used as the cathode (electron acceptor) material in standard and alkaline disposable dry cells and batteries.

Manganese Alloys are mainly produced in China which accounts for 47% of the production mainly because of the large industry.

The Natural Manganese Ore finds wide application in a number of industries such as chemical, leather, pig and iron, photography and paint. Making the product easily accessible at the most competitive market prices. We are reckoned among the prime Wholesale Manganese Ore, we have extensive relationships with leading mine owners in the Brazil, Ukraine, and Indonesia; possess wide and acknowledged expertise in this Industry.


Tidy Mart procuring Manganese Ore from Australia, Brazil, Chile, India and Indonesia, and we can supply large volume of Manganese Ore, Our Manganese Ore mineral will be Inspected by SGS or Similar with 1% or 2% non-operative PB.

Shipments on FOB & CNF basis, Shipments are through Major Safe Ports from Brazilian, Ukraine, and Indonesia

Manganese Ore Grades

Di Oxide grade + 74 % MnO2
High Grade 46 - 48% Mn
Medium grade 42 - 44 % Mn
Low Grade 38 - 40 % Mn
Steel Mill Grade 28 - 35 % Mn

Composition of Manganese Ore

Mn 48%+
K2O 1.00% Max
Na2O 0.05% Max
SiO2 10% Max
Ti 0.50 Max
Fe2O3 5% Max
CaO 2% Max
MgO 0.10 Max
Al2O3 0.50 Max
S and P 0.05% Max


  • Buyer Send draft LOI / BCL
  • Seller sends FCO/ Seller send draft contract to buyer with seller profile & other document.
  • Buyer Check on the spot in the stockpile and stock room, if required.
  • Buyer and Seller sign and seal final contract
  • Buyer issues non-operative LC
  • From seller proof of products Bank to Bank
  • PB activates the LC
  • Shipment begins as per contract
  • Here we provided an LOI form, for Buyer's convince. All our buyers are requested to download the LOI from the following link and Fill, Sign, Seal send to our mail ID.

    Manganese Ore LOI Form

    Here we provided some sample FCO, for Buyer's convince. All our buyers are requested to download the FCO from the following link can be used only for sample purpose and for clarification

    Manganese Ore Sample FCO

    Tidy Mart is now involved very actively Manufacturing and Supplying of Manganese Ore, Manganese, Natural Manganese Ore etc. Further if you have any quires related to Manganese import, kindly mail us with your entire queries. We are here to assist you in every possible way for mutual beneficial.